Participation Requirements for Students

Each term, all students are required to acknowledge the Code of Academic Conduct for each registered course.

Beginning on the first day of instruction will notify students online and through email to participate in keeping UC Davis a fair and honest community.


In 2017 the US Department of Education determined that UC Davis needed a process to validate that all students are attending their registered classes, primarily because participating in the courses for which they are registered is a requirement for students receiving financial aid. To comply with this ruling, a method of asking students to confirm that they have started work on each course for which they are registered was developed in cooperation with the Academic Senate and other key University stakeholders.

At the same time, the Davis Division of the Academic Senate recognized that more could be done to ensure students were aware of their responsibilities regarding academic honesty and the Code of Academic Conduct, which articulates academic misconduct on exams or coursework, plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration, and other infractions. Creating a formal requirement and mechanism for students to acknowledge the Code of Academic Conduct increases student accountability.

The Student Experience

Starting on the first day of instruction, students will be asked to:

  • Follow a link in the Academic Participation email (instructions are also provided describing how to find the correct page in
  • Read the Code of Academic Conduct.
  • Acknowledge that they have started academic activity for each of their registered courses.
  • Practice and uphold the Code.

Students will be reminded via email at least 3 more times to complete the requirements if they haven't done so. They will have until the official census day to complete these requirements. The email notification will include the specific date for each term, but it will usually be 15 calendar days after the start of instruction. Students who register for new courses between the start of instruction and the census date will be required to return to MyUCDavis and acknowledge that they have started academic activity for each of their newly registered courses.

Notifications about this requirement will also appear in Schedule Builder and in a tile on the MyUCDavis homepage.


Failure to participate could bring significant consequences to students

  • A student's failure to acknowledge that they have begun a course may have an impact on future registration including prevention from registering in the next term. 
  • Students receiving financial aid may see their awards lowered or removed completely.