Participation Requirements for Students

Each term, all students are required to acknowledge the Code of Academic Conduct for each registered course.

Beginning on the first day of instruction will notify students online and through email to participate in keeping UC Davis a fair and honest community.

Participation Matters

Keeping track of which students have begun coursework and accepted the code of conduct will help the University:

  • Ensure that students are aware of their responsibilities regarding academic integrity.
  • Increase the overall fairness and value of the University's teaching, learning, research, or public service activities.
  • Administer financial aid within the regulations established by the Department of Education.

Your Role

Academic misconduct undermines the learning process in multiple ways:

  • It stunts the development of important skills such as reading, writing, research, analysis, synthesis, and comprehension.
  • It hinders students from recognizing where their strengths and weaknesses in these areas lie.
  • It prevents students from developing the self-confidence that comes from successfully completing a challenging assignment on one's own.
  • It thwarts the development of creativity and critical thinking.
  • It provides incorrect information to instructors in that critical feedback loop between students and their teachers. 

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Failure to participate could bring significant consequences:

  • A student's failure to acknowledge that they have begun a course may have an impact on future registration including prevention from registering in the next term. 
  • Failure to acknowledge the Code of Academic Conduct does not relieve you of your responsibility to know and follow the Code.
  • Students receiving financial aid may see their awards lowered or removed completely.

Next Steps

In 2017 the US Department of Education determined that UC Davis had not done enough to validate that students actually attended their registered classes. In order to comply with this ruling, a method of allowing students to confirm that they have started work on a course was developed in cooperation with the Academic Senate and other key University stakeholders.

At the same time, it was recognized that more could be done to ensure students were aware of their responsibilities regarding academic honesty and the Code of Academic Conduct. By requiring students to acknowledge the Code, this process is designed to help educate and inform students in this regard.

On the first day of instruction:

  • Follow the link in the Academic Participation email OR come back here and click on "Participate Now!" OR go to and select Academics --> "Academic Participation" from the top menu.
  • Read the Code of Academic Conduct.
  • Acknowledge that you have started each of your registered courses.
  • Practice and uphold the Code.

Your participation and active contribution to a better, more fair student community supports and contributes to the academic integrity of our campus and our academic mission.